Facebook Product Manager Salary: What is the Average?

Facebook Product Manager Salary: What is the Average?

Among all the industries that employ product managers, the software and internet industry pays the most. As a result, the Facebook product manager salary is among the best salaries a product manager can hope for in their career. 

Facebook is a software-heavy company with several brands under the company’s name. It has gone above and beyond its primary social media platform. That has prompted them to hire product managers with varying talents. However, the most important feature among all of them is that they’re involved in software engineering in one way or another. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at the typical Facebook product manager’s responsibilities and what the average Facebook product manager salary is. 

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What Does a Facebook Product Manager Do for Effective Product Management? 

Facebook product managers manage and oversee all sorts of software development and product-based processes. 

The product managers often double down as data scientists, engineering managers, and program managers. The job title is relatively open and has many responsibilities tied to it. 

The primary role of the Facebook product manager is to assist in product development, more specifically, software development. It can be related to its social media sites or other side projects developed by the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. 

At the company’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California, product managers often team up with product designers, technical product managers, and project managers. They work with the product marketing manager and the operations manager under the senior product manager. The senior product managers then report to the Director of Product Management. 

While working with all these professionals, the product manager role includes ensuring there’s a clear line of communication among all parties. It may also include any third parties that may be involved. Coordinating with the marketing and sales department, product managers make sure everyone is on the same page. 

They make sure that the development process is on track with the product roadmap. Furthermore, Facebook product managers conduct excessive market research and analyze publicly available personal information to develop better products. The research helps identify what features of a product are wanted and needed. This helps the product managers make the necessary adjustments to make sure customers and users are satisfied. 

While many tech companies have taken the skills over the education route, Facebook recruiters still expect at least a Bachelor’s degree from their product managers. On top of that, Facebook provides specialized training to everyone with a product manager job. This ensures that all Facebook product managers work according to Facebook’s guidelines and meet their standards. 

What is the Average Base Salary for a Facebook Product Manager? 

According to Glassdoor, the average base salary for a Facebook product manager in the United States is $163,743. 

That brings the average hourly wage for a Facebook product manager to $78.70. There are almost 400 Facebook product managers working in different capacities across the US. 

Furthermore, additional cash compensation for Facebook product managers is approximately $27,432, on average. This additional cash compensation tends to include an annual bonus, extra bonuses (such as stock bonuses), and other benefits. 

When you combine the base salary and the additional cash compensation, the annual Facebook product manager salary amounts to $191,175

According to salary data, Facebook product managers in San Francisco (Silicon Valley and Menlo Park) earn the most with an annual wage of $248,000, and an hourly wage of $119.20. After San Francisco, Facebook product managers are paid the most in Palo Alto, Seattle, New York, Austin, and Washington DC, respectively. 

Is There a Gender Disparity in How Much a Facebook Product Manager Makes? 

Based on several reviews on PayScale, there isn’t any pay gap when it comes to different genders. However, there are more male Facebook product managers than female ones.

The gender breakdown is as follows: 

Female Facebook Product Managers: 30.0%

Male Facebook Product Managers: 70.0%

Self-Defining Facebook Product Managers: 0% 

The total compensation depends on many things including, an individual’s experience, knowledge, education, and past projects. Furthermore, how much time they’ve spent in the company also matters. Lastly, the state or city they work in makes a difference in the average salary, as well. 

What Are the Salary Ranges for Facebook Product Manager Salaries? 

Facebook product managers work on all kinds of products that warrant different levels of responsibilities. As a result, the salary range is rather massive. 

The average range for the Facebook product manager salary is $95,000 to $252,000. 

Since most Facebook product managers have years of experience, their salaries are near the national average. 

Furthermore, the average additional cash compensation also varies based on several factors. The typical range for the additional cash compensation can be anywhere between $16,000 to a staggering $317,000. The upper value is due to excessive stock bonuses awarded to some product managers. 

Average Facebook Product Manager Salary Range with Respect to Years of Experience 

The following list details the changes in the average salary and salary ranges with respect to the years of experience a Facebook product manager has in their field. 

  • 0-1 Years of Experience: The typical starting base salary for entry-level Facebook product managers is $140,346, and the salary ranges from $110,000 to $179,000. 
  • 1-3 Years of Experience: With a significant increase, the average salary is $149,348, while the salary range is $99,000 to $192,000. 
  • 4-6 Years of Experience: With a massive bump, the average salary is $182,145. The salary range is between $112,000 and $233,000. 
  • 7-9 Years of Experience: With another bump, the average is at $195,942, and the salary range is between $157,000 to $267,000. 
  • 10-14 Years of Experience: With a slight decrease, the average salary is $187,22 and usually ranges from $154,000 to $251,000. 
  • 15+ Years of Experience: Facebook product managers with more than 15 years of experience get an average salary of $198,135, and the typical salary range is $177,000 to $251,000. 

Most Facebook product managers tend to be in the middle of their careers with 3-7 years of experience. As a result, their salaries are near the national average. 

Average Product Manager Salaries of Other Major Companies 

It’s best to compare the Facebook product manager salary with the salaries of PMs at other big companies.

Here are some of the product manager salaries of other major companies:

  • Amazon Product Manager Salary: Their average total pay is around $121,000. 
  • LinkedIn Product Manager Salary: LinkedIn’s product managers earn around $158,000 per year. 
  • Twitter Product Manager Salary: Twitter pays its product managers an average total salary of $157,000. 
  • Snapchat (Snap Inc.) Product Manager Salary: The average total pay is approximately $148,000. 
  • Google Product Manager Salary: Google pays an average total of $199,000 to its product managers. 

Compared to other major companies, the average Facebook product manager salary is among the highest. 

Is the Facebook PM Salary Enough? 

Compared to the average product manager salary, the Facebook product manager salary is massive. The best part about being a Facebook product manager is that they can receive significant stock bonuses. 

You can compare the bonuses and the average salary with several other companies through sites like Glassdoor, PayScale, and Salary.com. 

You can compare individual bonuses, base salaries, and benefits based on different states, cities, and positions. 

All in all, as a product manager, the Facebook product manager salary is one of the best compensation packages you can get in the industry.  



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