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On-demand, expert-led video courses

Find all the instructions you need to get a product owner job in tech, even if you’ve never coded. Not a beginner? This certification will still level-up your product game.

In-demand topics

Stay up to date with your skills. Learn the strategies, communication skills, and product management skills required for one of the most in-demand careers in tech.

Segment your learning

Each of our programs are designed in sections. Feel free to complete the sections in the order that best fits your specific learning needs.

Interactive learning

Our courses have quizzes and challenges to keep you engaged—because the best way to learn is by practicing.

Your product owner certification will help you:

Build your skillset in product management
Build your product professional network
Craft a a great product owner resume and online presence
Ace the product owner interview
Create a successful job search strategy
"Dhaval's exceptional guidance and knowledge made this the best course that I've ever taken on the fundamentals of technical product management and landing a technical product manager job." -
Hannah F.
Product Management Graduate 2020
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Product Owner Certification Reviews

  • Allen W.

    Business Strategy

    "While I started the program with zero experience, I realized learning the fundamental concepts isn't as insurmountable as I initially expected as long as I put in the effort to learn! This program is the one-stop-shop for all technical product management and software development resources."

  • Alexa S.

    Product Manager

    "This program allows me to finally gain a more holistic understanding of the back-end mechanics that are involved when managing software development - resulting in more strategic conversations with technical stakeholders and empowering more informed decision making. The architecture overview was helpful in understanding how all of these processes interact with one another."

  • Max W.

    Technical Product Manager

    "My biggest aha moment was API requests and Javascript overview. It allowed things that didn't make sense on a day to day at my job now click. It is a great way to fill in the gaps if you are already a PM."


Product Owner Career Benefits

Product Owners demonstrate the accomplishment of core Scrum knowledge to employers and are highly-valued across industries since they have verifiable skills. Product professionals gain access to local groups, networks, and resources available only to Product Manager HQ's members.

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  • Annual Salary
  • Hiring Companies
  • Product Manager
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    Hiring Companies
    JPMorgan Chase
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  • Technical Product Manager
    Annual Salary
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  • Product Owner
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  • Project Manager
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Our Instructors

Kevin Lee  is the founder of Product Manager HQ, was considered one of the top product influencers in the world by the PM Year in Review. His first role after transitioning to product management was at Kabam, where he led the team into launching the company's 3rd largest revenue-generating product. Later, he worked at AltSchool -- a company backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Mark Zuckerberg, and other extraordinary investors.
Dhaval Bhatt is a partner at Product Manager HQ, is one of the leading professionals in the product field. With more than 10 years of product development, data science, and marketing technology, he has worked at renowned companies such as Honeywell Aerospace and LifeLockas. Dhaval also founded Resonate AI, an award-winning startup that was sold to Berkeley Data Science Group. He currently leads innovation at Wells Fargo, launching industry-changing AI solutions. He also teaches Data Science courses at UC Berkeley.

F .A .Q.

What is Product Manager HQ?

Product Manager HQ is an independent PM community and certification institution. The community gathers 7,000+ product management professionals, including some of the best professionals in the world. PM HQ offers superb Product Owner Certification courses, which props the development and growth of professionals within the product industry. Highlighted by major publications such as Forbes, Product Hunt, Huffington Post, AlphaUX, Mattermark, and others, PMHQ also stands out as one of the top PM communities around the globe. Some of our sponsors include Facebook, TechCrunch, Hired, and more.

What are product owner certifications?

Product owner certifications are credentials given to individuals who successfully complete a product owner course and pass the certification exam. Courses tend to cover the concept of product ownership, how to engage with stakeholders, how to administer product development, and how to launch products. There are a few variations of product owner certifications. Product Manager HQ features the One Week Product Owner Certification - designed to provide all the theoretical knowledge, while also teaching software product roadmap development and strategic management techniques.

What is the average product owner's salary?

According to Salary.com, the average product owner salary in the United States is $106,866, with a range that falls between $97,900 and $115,800. However, the actual PO professional salary may differ from this average estimate, based on factors such as education, certifications, additional skills, years of experience, and the company that is hiring. Product owners with certificates, such as the ones offered by PMHQ, usually have a greater chance to reach or exceed the national average salary.

How to obtain advanced product owner certification?

Although the Product Owner Certification course doesn't have any prerequisites, we recommend it for individuals with at least basic knowledge in the product industry. If you are transitioning from a different department, or need foundational knowledge, we recommend going for the regular One Week Product Owner Certification course first.

How can my managers or employers verify my certification status?

Once you complete one of the courses and receive the certification, you will be given a unique URL that leads to a PMHQ verification source. You can share this link with current or future employers, the Linkedin community, team members, or any other concerned party.

What is the One Week Product Owner Certification?

One Product Owner Certification was developed to be the best resource for professionals wanting to become a product owner. With over 60+ lectures, 5+ hours of content from product vision to project management, 5+ downloadable templates, and exclusive interviews, the course is self-paced and tends to be completed within one week. By the time of the course completion, you'll have gained fundamental knowledge of what it's like to be in a scrum development role representing the business and user community.

What is the Product Owner Certification?

The Product Owner Certification was designed to equip professionals who have a basic grasp of the product owner skills with more advanced knowledge. This certification course teaches how to create an Agile product roadmap, deliver complex products, conduct meetings before, during, and after sprints, and more. It helps professionals to master all pillars of product ownership.

How long does it take to complete the courses?

The Product Owner Certification course is self-paced but tends to take seven days to be completed. The courses require professionals to spend 30 minutes to an hour every day to complete. This daily commitment is to complete each course itself, as well as the practical project.

How long does product owner certification last?

Some institutions that offer certifications require that you keep earning credits and that require you renew your certification every two years if you want to keep it valid. Different from these other certifications, PMHQ is a one-time course to help you boost your career.