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Certified Technical Product Manager

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Product Manager HQ features a world-class online certification program that will help set you on the path to becoming a top technical PM. Our Technical Product Manager Certification Program prepares you to deal with the complexities and challenges of software product development while equipping you with the strategies, skills, techniques, and frameworks you need to excel in your role as a product leader.

Program Structure


Acquire the expert knowledge and coveted skills needed to successfully assume the roles and responsibilities of a technical lead in product development. The Technical Product Manager PM Product Manager Certification Program provides you with the right tools, resources, and frameworks to help you advance your career in technical product management and maximize your chances to succeed.

bookmark Real Life Business Impact

Leverage all of the real product development case studies included in our course to gain a solid, practical understanding of the positive impact of stellar technical product management. Learn how you can implement these strategies in your own management approach as well as the best circumstances in which you should do so.

bookmark Software Implementation

Equip yourself with the software insight, knowledge, and tools needed to build a customized approach to technical product management that values the best practices in software creation and implementation.

bookmark Technical PM Fundamentals

Learn key aspects of the technical aspects of software development as well as the recommended frameworks and approaches used by top tech leads to manage these projects.

bookmark Ready-Made Expert PM Resources

Edit, review, access, and download frameworks, resources, and documents prepared by technical leads for all day-to-day tasks and activities carried out by technical product managers.

bookmark Software Product Development Frameworks

Design software products and acquire the strategies, approaches, and frameworks you need to successfully bring product ideas to life.

+ - Program Structure


Web Application & Software DevOps

The ‘Web Application & Software DevOps’ section serves to fully acquaint students with the fundamental elements that make up software app design and development. This involves aiding you in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the building blocks that constitute front-end web development as well as helping you to compare and contrast compare and contrast traditional and more modern software operation practices. That way, you’ll get a deeper understanding of how they should be incorporated into your product management strategy.


Front-End & Back-End Development

The ‘Front-End & Back-End Development’ modules are designed to teach candidates the best practices used in software development to define web application architecture that maximizes product usability. This entails examining the frameworks, approaches, and techniques used by top software engineers when using React, Angular, and Vue as well as exploring the differences between React, Angular, and Vue as well as the specific circumstances in which software engineers should leverage one over the other.


Mobile Apps & Containerization

‘Mobile Apps & Containerization’ is a compound module covering the fundamentals of Android Studio and its respective benefits, setbacks, and limitations when building Android product applications. It allows students to discover the different techniques and approaches used by top software engineers when constructing Hybrid applications and to also provide them with a bird’s eye view of the latest mobile application trends, frameworks, and techniques that are expected to shape the future of modern product development.


Capstone Project

With the capstone project, you will use the knowledge you’ve acquired throughout the course to complete your own technical product management project. In doing so, you will complete the steps required within each technical PM sprint as well as document the frameworks and approaches used to deal with each specific technical activity you carry out.

Download the syllabus for a detailed overview of all lessons, assignments, reading materials, and bonus content.

+ - Meet Your Instructors


Dhaval Bhatt

Founder @ Product Manager HQ


Dhaval is a founder at Product Manager HQ. He has over 5+ years of product marketing experience and 10+ of engineering experience. He’s led the development and product teams in both marketing and AI at companies, including Honeywell Aerospace, LifeLock, and Wells Fargo. He’s also taught data science at UC Berkeley.

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Technical Product Manager Certification

Expert-led video courses

Expert-led video courses

Take advantage of our unique, engaging video-style lectures to learn the ins and outs of technical product management from a leader in the field.

In-demand topics

In-demand topics

Master the cutting-edge strategies, frameworks, techniques, and skills that will distinguish you as a top-class technical PM.

Finish on your own terms

Finish on your own terms

Our course is divided into clear sections that you can start, pause, and finish at your own convenience. Complete the course at your own pace following your own learning schedule.

Interactive knowledge-based learning

Interactive knowledge-based learning

Take our customized quizzes and challenges to keep you engaged and test how well you have retained the information shared in each section of the course.


Your Technical PM certification will help you

  • Icon Strengthen key technical product management skills
  • Icon Grow your technical PM network
  • Icon Craft winning Technical PM resumés and ace your interviews
  • Icon Prepare to face the most pressing software challenges in a practical way
  • Icon Build a powerful online presence and establish yourself as a reputable Technical PM
"This program allows me to finally gain a more holistic understanding of the back-end mechanics that are involved when managing software development - resulting in more strategic conversations with technical stakeholders and empowering more informed decision making." rating stars
Alexa Szal
Alexa Szal
Product Manager

Our Members Come From:

Our Members Come From:

Certified Technical Product Manager


Take advantage of a power-packed course containing 140+ interactive lectures split across seventeen (17) units.


Enjoy lifetime access to the course material and bonus lectures to stay a cut above your competitors.


Network with our growing community of product professionals and get ahead in your career.

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Alexa Szal
Alexa Szal
Product Manager
"This program allows me to finally gain a more holistic understanding of the back-end mechanics that are involved when managing software development - resulting in more strategic conversations with technical stakeholders and empowering more informed decision making."
Reginald Martyr
Reginald Martyr
Product Manager
“As a PM who entered the field without a technical background, it was overwhelming to understand technical terminologies such as APIs and servers. This course has helped me to get a solid foundation of the way in which software is built and maintained. The instructors are clear and the video format makes it easier to follow the concepts they dive into.”
Allen Wang
Allen Wang
Strategic Finance Associate, Uber Eats
“While I started the program with zero experience, I realized learning the fundamental concepts isn't as insurmountable as I initially expected as long as I put in the effort to learn.”
Prateek B
Prateek B
Scrum Master
“The community connections are excellent; when you are stuck and need help, everyone is just a message away."

Product Manager Career Benefits

Learn key fundamentals of being a PM, how to dominate product manager interviews, and how to stand out as a candidate to land the job.

  • Product Manager
    Annual Salary
    Source: Glassdoor
    Hiring Companies
    Accenture JPMorgan Chase IBM
    Source: LinkedIn
  • Technical Product Manager
    Annual Salary
    Source: Glassdoor
    Hiring Companies
    Amazon IBM Cisco Microsoft
    Source: LinkedIn
  • Product Owner
    Annual Salary
    Source: Glassdoor
    Hiring Companies
    IBM Amazon Accenture Vodafone
    Source: LinkedIn
  • Project Manager
    Annual Salary
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    Hiring Companies
    Google Cisco Microsoft
    Source: LinkedIn


Product Manager HQ is an independent PM community and certification center that consists of some of the best established and upcoming product managers from around the world.
PMHQ hosts the PMHQ Technical PM certification, which helps candidates develop a high-level understanding of technical PM fundamentals and prepares them for a career as a technical product manager.
The community has been extensively covered in Forbes, Product Hunt, Huffington Post, AlphaUX, Mattermark, and various other major publications. PMHQ also stands out as one of the top PM communities in the world, with global sponsors including Facebook, TechCrunch, Hired, SaaStr, Notion, Amplitude, and more.
Product management certifications are credentials given to candidates who successfully complete a product management course with the knowledge of what product management is, the prime principles and practices of product management, and their implementation. Unfortunately, there was a clear lack of bona fide certification in the product management sphere, especially when it came to providing vocational training on how to operate as a modern product manager.
To address this issue, Product Manager HQ features the PMHQ Technical PM Certification which provides all the theoretical technical PM knowledge, while also teaching software product roadmap development and strategic management techniques.
According to an estimate by Glassdoor, the average yearly salary of a technical product manager is $123,365.
Technical PM professional salaries may differ from the average estimate above based on factors such as the specific salary package at a company, the candidate’s level of experience, and their academic qualifications.
Technical PM professionals with a product management certificate such as PMHQ's Technical PM Certification usually have a greater chance to reach or exceed the national average salary.
The Technical PM Certification by Product Manager HQ is a certification course that teaches the fundamentals of technical product management, equipping candidates with the expertise, strategies, and skills needed to succeed as a professional technical product manager.
In this course, you will learn the crucial aspects of software development as well as the responsibilities and roles of a technical product team within an organization. You will also learn the secrets that top technical product managers use to excel in their roles and bring winning product designs to life.
The PMHQ Technical Product Management Certification is perfect for anyone looking to get into the diverse technical world of product management.
The course is for you if:
⚬ You can spend 30 minutes to an hour every day for a week.
⚬ You have a degree in general management and are looking to build a career in technical PM.
⚬ You are currently serving in a management role and want to transition into product management.
⚬ You are starting out in a tech career and want to know if a technical PM role suits you.
⚬ You are generally curious about the role of a technical PM and want to explore it as a viable career alternative.
Product Manager HQ is the ideal community to adhere to when taking your PM certification course. Not only can you gain tons of knowledge from community members, but also some invaluable insights from industry experts.
Just like all of PMHQ's courses, there is no set timeline or deadline to finish the course. Candidates are free to learn at their own pace. That said, the course is structured in such a way that if you dedicate two (2) hours a day on the course, you should be able to complete it within one (1) month.
How does lifetime access sound? As mentioned before, we are 100% committed to adding even more bonus content (we love all things product and enjoy adding content!) as well as bonus interviews with awesome product leaders. After enrolling, you will have FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to all of it for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.